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Cooperative conservation? On Cooper-Hewitt’s acquisition of a ‘living object’

September 9, 2013


On 27 August, the Cooper-Hewitt made public news of an interesting acquisition: its first piece of code. If you haven’t yet heard about the acquisition, let me fill you in with the briefest of details: Planetary is an iPad app. The Museum has acquired the app itself, and its source code. In itself, this feels […]

i can has mewseum (Or, Should Your Museum Acquire A LoLCat?)

July 6, 2012


This post is a joke. Or at least, it started as one. A week or so ago, when everyone was busy meowbify-ing their collections, Oonagh Murphy pondered whether any museums had a curator of cats. Not too long after, my own thoughts turned to the question of whether any museums had acquired a LoLCat. At […]

For museums to make the ‘digital shift’, does the art/artefact market itself have to change?

March 11, 2012


Seb Chan has just written a great post positing the idea that museums will not truly begin to incorporate the digital into their core operations and institutional DNA until they have significant born digital collections. He writes: Born-digital no longer requires ‘buildings’ and that’s when things becomes interesting. He’s right – it is interesting. However, […]