6 thoughts on “Interview: Matthew Israel on The Art Genome Project

  1. Nice article and if you don’t mind I’m going to completely sidestep what was actually discussed and compare the art genome to the other genome projects.

    An interesting contrast with the art genome and the other genome projects is that (uncharacteristically) the Art genome seems to be intelligible and accessible whereas the genome work in biology has become a very popular black box. Short-hand for the advancement of science and the road biology will take in the future but the idea of the genome is regularly misused and admittedly confusing.

    I think the hype in the public conscience for genomes is over, after all we’ve already done the one organism we’re so selfishly interested in (us!) but every now and then a new genome is sequenced and hacks with calculators struggle to interpret what that actually means to anyone (at the moment not a lot).

    So, uh good work and /rant over.

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