#drinkingaboutmuseums – Sydney – Tuesday 7 August

Hey Sydney – Are you free on Tuesday evening? One of my favourite museum people – Ed Rodley – is visiting all the way from Boston, and we are going to hold a Drinking About Museums event in his honour. This is particularly fitting, since Ed organises the Boston leg of the franchise.

We are going to be heading to The Bank Hotel, Newtown from 6.00pm, and I expect we’ll sit downstairs beer garden/restaurant area out the back. It’s a great excuse to meet up with some other museum types, enjoy some tasty beverages, and talk about the future (and present) of museums.

If you haven’t been before, and want to get in touch, comment here or follow the #drinkingaboutmuseums hashtag on Twitter. It would be great if you could join us.

5 thoughts on “#drinkingaboutmuseums – Sydney – Tuesday 7 August

    1. Hey Karen! How fantastic. I anticipate we will be downstairs out the back. I am wearing a grey wool capelet for easy identification. Look forward to meeting you!

  1. Unfortunately we couldn’t make it – but very much looking forward to the next one. Would love to meet in person all the folks we know in the digital world!

    1. Great to hear. It’s great to be able to connect in person and put names to faces and avatars. And just to get a different sense of people working around the sector. I’m guessing the next Drinking About Museums will be mid-late September.

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