#drinkingaboutmuseums – Sydney – Tuesday 9 July

Next Tuesday afternoon, George E. Hein, author of the seminal book Learning in the Museum and more recently Progressive Museum Practice, will be in Sydney to present on the future of learning and education in cultural institutions. Learning in Museums is taking place at the Australian Museum from 3.00pm-4.00pm. Since those who attend will likely to have lots to talk about and digest afterwards, we thought it would be the perfect excuse for #drinkingaboutmuseums.**

If you’re a museum/art gallery/culture professional – or student – located in or near Sydney and can get to Hein’s talk, you should. But if not, come along to the Lord Roberts Hotel afterwards, and we’ll fill you in. If you haven’t been to a DAM event before, get in contact with me and I’ll send you my phone number so you can locate us. Or you can follow the #drinkingaboutmuseums hashtag on Twitter for updates in the lead-up to the event. I’ve posted all the details below.

Learning in Museums
Where? Australian Museum | 6 College Street, Sydney 2000
When? 3.oo-4.00pm. Tuesday 9 July 2013

Where? Lord Roberts Hotel | 64 Stanley Street, East Sydney 2010
When? From 4.30pm
Who? You! Come along.

**BTW – although in Australia, we tend to call art museums ‘galleries’ rather than ‘museums’ this is an event that is definitely, definitely open to people from the art world. Hope to see you there.

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