A museumgeek-in-residence?

The cultural sector has a lot of residencies. There are writers-in-residence, artists-in-residence, and even Wikipedians-in-residence. I want to be a museologist-in-residence.

In November, I’m heading to the USA for MCN2012. It will be my fourth trip to the States in about twenty months, and I want to make the most of the opportunity of being there. What I am hoping is to find an institution willing to put me up for the week following the conference as an in-house museumgeek.

During the residency, I would ideally meet with staff from across the institution, explore the buildings and learn about the museum programming. I’d hope to get a fairly intensive introduction to a different museum, and learn more about the particular complexities it faces, sharing the insights I gain here. My reflections on the institution will feature on museumgeek for a full week (and no doubt continue to shape my thoughts after as well).

I’m hoping that this idea sounds like a good bargain for someone, somewhere. You’ll get an in-house blogger and museumgeek; I’ll get new insight and inspiration (and experience life in a different city).

I don’t have any preconceived notions about the sort of institution that I’d like to end up in or its location, so if you would be interested in playing host to your very own museumgeek-in-residence, get in touch here or find me on Twitter. I’d love to hear from you.

10 thoughts on “A museumgeek-in-residence?

  1. How about the MAH? We’re light on technology, high on participation. Could be an interesting place to play with how smaller museums can get in on the game.

    1. Ha Nina – I’m pretty light on technology too. I might blog about how the Internet/tech impacts museums, but I’m actually a fairly low tech girl myself.

      This is an awesome offer. There are a couple of different institutions getting in contact, so I just need to balance out which is going to be the best place for this visit. I’ll get in touch via email to discuss more shortly.

  2. Ok – I am so excited to have received some amazing EOI from a few different instititutions already – so I am going to pull the pin on any new offers before I get myself even more confused.

    THANK YOU to those people/institutions who have already been in touch. I will send you all emails to work out what is possible this trip, and what I have to push back to the next time I get to the States (I am starting to feel like this might be a regular thing).

    And Lynda – yes – let’s chat about finding a time for me to do this in Oz as well.

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