Back in 5.

It’s been slightly longer between posts for me this month – and it’s a trend that might continue for a couple of weeks. I’m currently in the States for the dual purpose of attending (and being a panelist) at MCN2011 in two weeks; and I’m also spending two weeks at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver after meeting the MCA’s Director Adam Lerner when he spoke at the Reprogramming the Art Museum symposium in Sydney a few weeks ago. I’ve just finished my first day at the MCA, and I think it is going to be a fabulous – if intense – couple of weeks. Add into the mix the heady combination of new people, new sights and a little jetlag, and I don’t know how much energy I will have left for blogging.

No doubt the experience in a very different museum environment from the two that I currently work in will leave me with huge inspiration and food for thought that will inspire future blogging. Similarly, I think MCN will open me up to some interesting new conversations as well. I think the period straight after I return home will probably be the antithesis of this quieter time on the blog front, but in the mean time, you should check out O, Song! This blog has nothing to do with museums, but does always link to interesting articles that will give you a different and interesting perspective on the world. And after all, one of the reasons I frequently try to work in institutions that are very different from the ones that I’m already familiar with is because creativity happens when seemingly disparate things are combined. Therefore, reading things just because they’re interesting is recommended – and you’ll probably find something worth looking at on O, Song!

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