But do I need an iPad?

Posted on April 30, 2011


At MW2011, I got some serious gear envy. I am iphone-less (although I have a ‘smart phone’ I intentionally bought a phone that I wouldn’t use online too much, so I could disconnect my life occasionally), I wasn’t carrying my laptop with me most of the time, and everywhere I looked, people were tapping away on tablets.

This, combined with the resounding cry that the future is mobile, and recent predictions from Cisco suggest that Tablets Will Generate 17 Percent of Mobile Wireless Data Demand by 2020, have got me considering whether an iPad has a place in my life (there was also some peer pressure from Tim from Museum Victoria)…

I am going to be taking the train to Sydney at least once a week for the foreseeable future, and I think the iPad would provide me with an easy way to do work whilst en route. But I think I mostly want it because it’s pretty, and I’m having a little fear of missing out.

If I get one, I could be just like this chick – see how happy and shiny she looks.

Do you have one? Would you recommend it? Or do you think this is just a case of unnecessary gear-related vanity?!?

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