#drinkingaboutmuseums – Sydney – Wednesday 19 September

What better way to spend Ask A Curator day than by drinking about museums? Not only can those on Twitter join in the worldwide Q&A with curators by following the #askacurator hashtag, those in Sydney can hold their own discussions about all things museums. This will give us ample opportunity to dissect the curatorial chatter, and add a little of our own. And this #drinkingaboutmuseums is also nicely timed to whet the appetites of those going to Museums Australia 2012 the following week.

We are changing things up a little for this edition of the event, and going to our first bar. What makes this extra cool is that Mojo Records Bar came into existence in response to digital downloading, when the owner of Mojo Music decided to face the music (oh, terrible pun) and look for a new revenue source. So now Sydney has its first record bar. Is there a better location for a discussion about museums adapting to the digital age than in a bar that has done exactly that?!

#drinkingaboutmuseums – Sydney
When: 5.30pm Wednesday 19 September 2012
Where: Mojo Records Bar (73 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000)
Who: You! And me too.

One other thing makes this edition of #drinkingaboutmuseums Sydney a little unique, in that it’s the first time it’s been initiated by someone other than me. Thanks to Penny Edwell for organising this event! It’s great to see it taking on a life of its own, both here and overseas. Indianapolis is about to have their first #drinkingaboutculture, and Barcelona had their first #drinkingaboutmuseums night recently too. It is unstoppable!

If you haven’t been before, and want to get in touch, comment here or follow the #drinkingaboutmuseums hashtag on Twitter. Looking forward to seeing you all there.