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Money for nothing; or how to win an art prize without making a thing

August 28, 2011


Regular readers will know that last week I made my first foray into ‘meta-museology’, entering and winning the 2011 UoN Ltd Annual Student Art Prize. This was the first art show I’d ever entered, so to win was super exciting. I missed the actual exhibition opening (stuck on the train from the Powerhouse Museum), so […]

mining the museumgeek – meta-museology in the art show

August 25, 2011


You museumers have something to answer for! You’ve started getting into my head and disturbing my otherwise sane thoughts and now I’ve spent the last three days installing my first “meta-museological” experiment in my local student gallery. Every year, my University Art Gallery holds an art prize focussed around a central theme. The exhibition usually […]

geek speak with Neal Stimler

August 16, 2011


Ok, it’s time for geek speak – my regular guest blog series, in which I ask fellow culture geeks to write about their journey to museum tech. Looking back at the first couple of editions, it would be fair to say that neither Jasper Visser nor Lori Phillips knew they wanted to be in museums […]

Groupthink vs diversity (It’s the dorks that give it a real go)

August 14, 2011


When I was growing up, we moved around a lot. I was perpetually the new kid, and being an only child, this meant that I was also a bit of a loner. It wasn’t so much that I wanted to do things alone – I just struggled to meet people with whom I connected. It’s […]

Newcastle Museum: A quick review

August 9, 2011


Last week, my local museum reopened in a brand new location. The old museum had closed about 4 years ago in preparation of the redevelopment, so I was very exited to see the new museum. The new building, which cost $23.5 million and is the biggest project undertaken by Council in recent years, will house […]

‘Knowledge is power, but secret knowledge is also power.’

August 3, 2011


I came across the title for this post in the comments section of an article discussing the recent releasing of JSTOR academic documents by Aaron Swartz, where fred_bauder writes: Knowledge is power, but secret knowledge is also power. It’s an interesting sentiment. Around the time of the wikileaks US diplomatic cables leak I remember reading an […]