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The ShipSong Project – Sydney Opera House

July 26, 2011


Sydney Opera House’s ShipSong Project is an awesome example of an arts organisation playing to their strengths. Great music. Great footage. Great use of social media (the full site has interviews and behind-the-scenes shots too). Despite its iconic status, I’d never really fallen in love with the Opera House. This video changes that. Absolutely captivating.

Finding funding for MCN2011

July 25, 2011


Regular readers will know that I’m volunteering with the MCN marketing committee in the lead up to the 2011 conference. The conference is on in Atlanta, GA 16-19 November – and I am mad keen to get along for a couple of reasons. The main one is because Koven Smith has asked me to be […]

There is a man behind the curtain

July 23, 2011


In a couple of weeks, I’m giving one of my first ever lectures. The subject is Museums, Galleries and the Politics of Institutions, which is a thoroughly juicy and exciting topic. Colour me excited! I’ve just started ‘building’ my lecture, but already I’ve had an unexpected realisation about both teaching and museums. Until now, it’s […]

geek speak with Lori Phillips

July 18, 2011


Hey! It’s time for the next round of geek speak – this time with Lori Phillips. Since geek speak is about journeys into museum tech, I am going to be featuring people at various stages of their careers – and I thought it might be nice to hear from someone who, like me, is just […]

Reflecting on museumgeek’s first three months

July 15, 2011


This blog has now been running for just shy of three months. In that time, I’ve written 31 posts, and received double that many comments (yep – you’re starting to talk back, which is awesome). Within a day or two, I should hit 2500 views, which is significantly more than I imagined I would have […]

Thoughts on the closure of the Dutch Museum of National History

July 6, 2011


My first guest geek Jasper Visser (don’t worry – there’s another geek speak coming soon) has just announced on his blog that his museum – the Dutch Museum of National History (INNL) – will no longer operate from 1 January 2012, following the announcement of funding cuts by Netherlands’ secretary of state responsible for culture. […]

New(castle) directions

July 4, 2011


My local museum has been closed for the last couple of years whilst undertaking a major move to a new site. Excitingly, it is almost ready to reopen in a new location, with new permanent exhibitions that should better showcase the region’s local history. As a result, there have been a number of new positions […]

Who are you collecting for?

July 2, 2011


Who is your museum collection for? This might seem like a strange (and even silly) question for a museum geek. After all, I really hope that on some level the objects in your collection are for me! But since last week, when I asked  “if you have objects in your collection that could be useful […]